Though some might not believe in the saying that health is wealth, no matter how hard they ignore it, it still remains true. Do you consider money more important than health? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, more and more people are putting more importance to money and their career over their health. A healthy body and a fit mind are things that we should be thankful to God. But with the race of acquiring many mansion houses and a yearly promotion in our career are sometimes blinding. These things tend to stray us and forget other important things in life including our health. If we take care of our health like we take care of our monetary wealth then life will surely be better. But if we neglect our health because of other matters that you think is more important than sooner or later you will end up in the hospital bed or will be spending your billions of dollars for therapy and prescription drugs.

Exercise, balanced diet and a less-stress environment are factors which can contribute to a good health. People have become so lazy to even walk one block because of the many inventions and high-tech gadgets emerging in the market. They have solely relied on these techie gadgets to dominate their lives.

Do you still remember the last time you run? Joining a marathon or even the simple things like using the stairs over the elevator, walking to the nearest grocery store in your block or jogging with your pal on weekends instead of gulping beer and watching television the whole are things you should do if you want to be fit and healthy.

Encourage your partner to run or jog with you on weekends. Or go to the park or you can join a marathon. What’s nice about joining a marathon is that you get to meet different people and make new friends.

It is important that you eat a balanced diet. We spend majority of our waking time in a hurry these days. Everything has been incredibly fast. Now, we don’t have time to eat a healthy meal. We head to the nearest fast food chain and order the stuff they have. Don’t you know that fast food stuff contains more cholesterol as well as too much sugar compared to fresh, home-cooked food? Value your health instead of gadgets and other material things.

Join the Indianapolis 5k if you want to stay fit and connected with other people who are health-conscious as well. If you are up to something that is fun to do then be part of the fireball beat.

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